The Halcyone, published four times per year,  is distributed throughout the USA and the Black Mountain Press publications are distributed World Wide. Please send your best previously unpublished work!

We are now accepting submission to the the Spring Issue of The Halcyone which has a deadline for submission on April 30th, 2019.

Please enter up to 4 poems, , or 1 digital art work(prints, painting, photos etc) or 1 short story under 3500 words that have not been published elsewhere. Now also accepting Novel Excerpt submission under 5000 words. All submissions should be on a single document.  The Halcyone pays featured poets (3-4 poems), artists 1/2 page or larger or short story writers, $10 and 5 copies of the quarterly review. If you desire to submit poetry, short stories and art, each category is a separate entry fee.

Single poems or art work under 1/2 page receive 3 copies of the publication. 

Entry to the Halcyone also acknowledges that the writer or artist accepts that their submitted work may be used in the online blog at

One Year Subscription to the Halcyone Magazine

All locations outside of USA

Now accepting submissions to The Miletus International Literature Magazine.


Miletus International Literature Magazine is currently

open to submissions.  Please attach a short bio so that we can get to know you.

• Please submit all manuscripts as a Word document

• Please make sure that none of the poems or stories submitted have been published before in any form, including magazines, websites or books.

• We pay authors in contributor copies of the magazine.

• Please do not submit more than two poems or two short stories. Submissions must not exceed the length of four pages in total.

• Please note that by submitting your work you are agreeing to the terms of the Miletus Literature Magazine

One Year Subscription to The Halcyone Literary Magazine

US only

Please submit up to 3 poems for consideration for inclusion in the Sixty Four best poets of the year 2019. These 64 poets will be featured in a book titled The Sixty Four: 2018, published by the Black Mountain Press in November 2019. Submission Fee is $8 and 3 awards will be made to the best three poets as determined by our Final Judge (TBA) Reading period for this book will be from Feb 1st through Oct. 21st, 2019. (Poems can be previously published)
First Prize: $150 and your own book published by the Black Mountain Press (up to 84 pages)  and Featured Poet in The Halcyone (plus $10 and 5 copies)
Second Prize: $100 and Featured Poet in The Halcyone (plus $10 and 5 copies)
Third Prize: $50 and Featured Poet in The Halcyone (plus $10 and 5 copies)

Submit complete manuscripts, double spaced for Novel, Poetry Books, Creative Non-Fiction, Memoirs, or other creative literary writing. Fee for submission through Submittable is $7. Writers can still submit without a fee directly to:
The Black Mountain Press
PO 9907
Asheville, NC 28815. 
Please see www.theblackmountainpress for details. 
All submissions must be completed manuscripts and at least 64 pages. 
Artists and curators are invited to submit proposals for solo or group exhibitions at the Flood Gallery Fine Arts Center (solo or three artists or more). Current submissions will be considered for the 2018 Fall and 2019 calendar. Note: Due to the volume of exhibition proposal submissions, we are unable to send any form of response or feedback. No hard copy submissions are accepted. Artist accepted for the 2018 Fall Season will be notified by Aug 15th, 2018, Artists accepted for the 2019 season will be notified by Nov. 1st, 2018.
To Apply:
- Written cover letter with bio information.
- Up to 12 .JPG or PNG images

Artists will be accepted for exhibition in the 500 sq. foot main gallery at the Flood Gallery Fine Arts Center. Total number of works displayed should be no more that 12-15 at a max. size of 4ftX7ft. vertical or 7ftX7ft square.  All work must be completed and framed at the time of submission. Any medium is accepted that is framed and is ready to be attached to the gallery walls. Submission does not imply exhibition in the gallery, Three shows will be selected for 2018 and six shows for 2019 by our selection group. 
The Halcyone